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Yesterday was a busy day. So many feral cats.
I got to squeeze a bladder empty yesterday.
It was kinda scary because you have to squeeze so hard.
Felt like I was gonna pop the cat open ._.

Another tech squeezed urine out of another cat and a tapeworm came out x.x GUHHH.
And apparently, after we spay/neuter feral cats, their ears get tipped.
Meaning that we clip off the tip of their ears. WHAAA. I guess it makes sense.

I got a blister from heparinizing needles all day too >.> And I pulled lots of vaccines again. omo.

I've been playing Sims a lot lately too.
Well, not really playing, but making my city.
I have Big Bang in there. Arashi. 2 SuJu members. Hero from DBSK.
I got too lazy to make more people. Those were all of my pre-made ones I downloaded.
With the exception of Arashi. Of course I had to make them <3
Ohno turned out really well!

And I made a bunch of friends and stuff :D
Just finished making myself this morning, although I don't think it looks like me.
Got too lazy to perfect myself.

I'm also trying to read more this summer so I got some books from the library.
I got cookbooks too. Gonna scan the recipes I want ;D
My books are really big ._.
Still need to do vet school applications but they're such a big responsibility, it scares me.

Prof. Hart thinks I can get into Cornell and UPenn.
But she wants me to apply to more than 5 schools.
I only want Tufts though D:
I don't want to go far away!
She told me not to be scared though :[


Crankzilla in the house.

Harry's all extra cranky because he had work as a server today.
Annoyed me so much.
Then I watched goats screaming like humans.
And I felt better.

We had a girl's night yesterday and today.
It was interesting. Fun. Filling.
Ate so much.

I'm pooped.

Nino's Devil Pocky CM


Who else loves Nino's confused face like I do? ;]

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I'm still trying to find a program that will let me make hardsubs on a Mac. If you know one, please let me know! :] Or if you'd like to hardsub it for me, that'd be nice too :D

Also, if I translate something wrong, please correct me and I'll fix it! I'm still a beginner in Japanese ._.

Comments make me feel loved <3 And popular. OH HOHOHOHO.
Nino: Glasses &lt;3

Nino's Winter Pocky CM

Just finished subbing it :] It's my first subbing project ._. I was planning to sub HnA but it’s too difficult for me right now, so I’m starting small. 
Let me know if there’s anything I need to correct because my Japanese is still on the beginner level. Very beginner level.

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Also, if anyone knows a program I can use to make hardsubs on a Mac… please tell me. PLS.